Functional Health. Autoimmune & Diabetes Support

I help clients with chronic disease get from
Fatigued and Struggling to
Energized and Motivated

Inner health Coaching understands Our clients have a dream or vision for what they want to experience in life, and they all-ready have within them what it takes to get there.

The coach helps close the bridge from where you are, too when you want to be.

Just like my client Nancy who shared her success story below.

When I started working with Jannette I was really struggling with fatigue and pain form PMR a form of arthritis. My life just wasn’t like it used to be. Through our work together my pain and energy greatly improved. My rheumatologist said he had never seen someone do so well with managing there pain while reducing their medication. I am so grateful for the help she gave me. I feel so much better and am back enjoying activities with my grandchildren again.

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a partnership that is invested in clients goals and in creating the vision a client sees for their future.

Why work with Inner Health Coaching over other services?


In a world where everything is contradictory, where marketing is selling us the next health craze. It's overwhelming and stops most people from even starting. It's my mission to help clients see through the maize and help them take simple steps to the other side.

As a european trained chef, A Integrative Nutririon Coach and Trained in Functional Medicine I bring a wide range of skills to the table. In our work together I can use my knowledge to support client to work on the 3 Phases of Health

"The three phases of health Maximum nutrition. Minimise toxins. Prioritise wellness"

You Get So Many Benefits

Lifetime Tools

You'll have the one on one support that create success. While you build the life and lifestyle that meet your needs.

Reduce Stress

You'll finally be on a path to wellness that empowers and motivates you. Allowing you to be free fro diets and depending on outside resources.

Enjoy Food

You'll choose the food that's right for you, your lifestyle and your body.

Healthy Choices

You'll get access to the best Toxin Free pre approved recipes, beauty products, supplements, and essential oils.

Whats your first step?

Firstly ask, Is this a good fit for me?

Find out in a 15 minute complimentary session.

Steps When Working With Me


Getting To The Root Cause

Investigate causes triggers and patterns that create an imbalance in the body


Create Your Unique Plan

Design an outline & starting point that fits your needs.


Take Steps Towards Goal

Start making measurable progress toward your desirable outcome.

Here is what other Inner Health Coaching clients are saying.

"I always felt that food controlled me. Now i control what I eat. I'ts a great feeling and has had a huge change on how i live my life." Your help, wisdom and resources are so valuable!! You made a difference in my life!!
" I am now moving through life's challenges easily because I have the energy to do it and I am no longer fighting my body to get there" " I appreciated your approach and accepted that this is a journey. I have a better perspective of myself and more clarity about how to get there."
"Jannette has taught me how gut health has much more to do with my overall health than I thought. She helped me to reduce inflammation that was causing joint pain and to identify what foods make me sluggish and tired. For me, sometimes making big changes all at once is hard, so Jannette broke the process down into easier achievable steps, whatever worked best for me. She also provided lots of recipe opinions to try, so it was easier to make healthier choices that actually tastes good!"

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